VeenaPani The Institute Of Indian Classical Music


The Institute Of Indian Classical Music

The biggest asset of Indian culture is its music. The Indian classical music is one of the richest heritage of our country. The scope of Hindustani classical music is so vast that it cannot be scaled in degrees and courses.It is meant to be learned and pursued for a lifetime. Veenapani- The institute of Indian classical music is a place where students who are keen on pursuing the art of Indian classical music ,are tutored in a way to master this art. Our students are learners and worshippers of music and they need not test their knowledge in terms of examinations. 
Along with vocals we also teach all kinds of instruments like Vichitraveena, sitar,violin,Indian slide guitar,rudra veena,keyboard,santoor,jaltarang etc.
Along with shastriya(classical) music we also teach upa-shastriya(semi-classical) and light music. All those who are whole-heartedly ready to learn music are most welcome at our institute.Its in Navi Mumbai India