Lets Work together: How to Create Employment in music Field ?? 
Humble request to all artists to mail or post your suggestion Tell me what can we do togethers : Its a small initiative:Help to promote Indian Artists

Just read a news in DNA ..Tabla artist Shri Surykant Surve lost his hearing power after Police constable beaten him,Shri Suryakant is well known tabala artist was working as ward boy in KEM hospital.police constable beaten him for a false robbery charge which yet not proved.
I am upset for whatever happened to Shri Suryakant ji.More upset on this ...why a good artist need to work as a Ward boy in hospital??????

IN our country Why an art is not having a financial value ? Why an artist need to do the Job which is Not a tall related to his/her talent ? Why their are no jobs for musicians ? School usually has a job of music teacher with very less pay scale ,There are almost no jobs in collages for music ,Some are their ,secured for SC category ..Very few jobs ? Music concerts doesn't fulfill the financial requirement of an artist,No artist can be fully dependent on his music teaching fee for surviving of his/her family ..

In our country where some doctor has no qualification(only degree (any how ) ) get a good sum of money. any engineer gets a job may be in good company or not but at least a good amount of money as salary to survive . any scientists gets a job in his filed,a teacher for particular subject gets a good job ,Then why an artist doesn't gets good job ? a good sum of money to survive ? Why their are absolutely no jobs for an artist a Musician..isn't it disgraceful that in such a big country an artist a musician has to do a any petty job to earn money for this bread butter ??? I am sad ...this is going from years..Is there is nothing that we can to for it ?? All Musician All artist I invite you to give your suggestion.. can't we do anything for this together ? If yes What and how? because we can't just sit and see ,We should to some thing atleast take an initiative. Its a request to all great artist and all musicians pls suggest what and how we can do to remove this problem from the root .whatever we need to avail good jobs for musicians an artists I will work on ..But need help of all of you .pls
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